sexta-feira, 22 de maio de 2009

May News Update

So here's the current state of affairs: the game engine has reached a point where there still is a lot missing from it, but some basic gameplay can be designed. So i've started to do some old-school basic games, and keep building the engine as the games require, and generalize from that (i think it's good practice to design around the necessary game requirements instead of over generalizing the engine, which tends to make it in a state of never being complete).

I've started with Pong, which interestingly has a few somewhat advanced features that some modern games don't even use, such as collision detection and dynamics (ball/paddle speed), and causes me to add stuff to the engine that i may have missed in design or underdesigned.

I hope to post these first efforts soon :)

It's rewarding to finally see (after some months of working on it) how easy the game engine allows to quickly come up with a game prototype, edit and change stuff, instead of always having to rewrite the game scratch. Also, as the engine design was broken into modules, it's fairly easy to pick up where i left off the past week (since i work on it mostly at nights, sometimes a week or so will go by without having time or energy to do coding)

Next up will be Tetris! Yay :)

First sketch of the title screen:
Pong prototype menu screen

Screen cap of the current game main screen state of the game:

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